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Meet The Team

54Lockie Limited - Serving The Church For 54 Years

  • Lisa Picton

    Lisa Picton Sales Manager

    Lisa has been working for Lockie Limited since 1990 and knows the business inside out. She leads up the sales and customer care team who look after thousands of customers. “I have really enjoyed my time at Lockie. There are a lot of us who have been working here for many years together and this has created a family type atmosphere.”

  • Cathy Cleworth

    Cathy Cleworth Sales Administrator

    Cathy has been taking your calls since September 2013 and is really enjoying her time at Lockie. “A great thing about working here is chatting with the customers. We have both returning and new customers but in both cases, you feel like you’ve known them for years.”

  • Karen Brennan

    Karen Brennan Sales Administrator

    Karen joined Lockie in July 2014. As well as providing a friendly ear to all customers, she’s well known for her great sense of humour. “Although I have only been here for a relatively short time compared to the rest of the team, they have all been really welcoming. I really enjoy my job, especially speaking with lots of different customers on a daily basis. It’s a great atmosphere to work in.”

  • John Walker

    John Walker Production Manager

    An ever reliable member of the Lockie team since 1988, John is an expert at customising envelopes for your church. He is also charged with overseeing the production side of the business and ensuring our quality is maintained on all products. “Those 28 years have sure shot by. Although a lot has changed, we have always been committed to providing the same high level of service for customers.”

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