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How Church Envelopes Increase Donations

While the global pandemic certainly increased modern and digital giving methods, offertory envelopes remain a long-standing tradition that still offers many benefits for the churches that utilise them.

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New website: now live

We have launched our new, modern website with complete ease of ordering features. This blog provides step-by-step instruction that you may refer to if you are having trouble getting to grips with any new features.

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A Guide to Gift Aid

Gift Aid is one of the most crucial tools for charitable and religious organisations to incorporate into their donation scheme. In this guide, we will be explaining the ins-and-out of Gift Aid and how your church and charity can benefit from the scheme to ensure you receive the maximum financial benefit from your donations

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Harvest Festival – Origins, facts and customs

The Harvest Festival is a long-standing tradition and celebrates a successful yield for farmers across the country. Today, it focuses on charitable giving, specifically sharing food with those who do not have access to basic provisions.

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Preserving Traditional Offertory Envelopes

Traditional offertory envelopes have been a staple of the church community for almost 100 years and the decision to move from loose plate to planned giving is perhaps the most critical turning point on the journey to mature giving.

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