Gift Aid Information

A Guide to Gift Aid

Gift Aid is one of the most crucial tools for charitable and religious organisations to incorporate into their donation scheme. In this guide, we will be explaining the ins-and-out of Gift Aid and how your church and charity can benefit from the scheme to ensure you receive the maximum financial benefit from your donations

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Donation Envelopes and Multi-Platform Strategies

Gift Aid Donation Envelopes remain one of the most effective and easiest methods of raising and collecting funds from patrons. Gift Aid Envelopes are fully customisable and can be branded with logos, images, custom text, and social and website links.

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Boost your Gift Aid Donations

We all know the importance of Gift Aid for getting the most out of your donations, but the increased demand on administration means that Gift Aid can be quite time consuming. Therefore, maximising the donations generated should be a priority for any Gift Aid officer.

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