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Church Collection Envelopes: Increase your tithing (Part 2 of 3)

Church Collection Envelopes: Increase your tithing (Part 2 of 3) 22nd September 2016

Our second instalment in the church collection envelope series, we highlight ways you can increase the donations for your church and faith-based institutions.

The willingness to sacrifice is something that the Bible advocates for all those who can. The teachings of selflessness are important to help people understand how to take care of those who need it most and inspiring a better world. This must be inherent in the church’s teachings and the congregation needs to see the church living by its own philosophy – so practice what you preach! Be visible, service oriented, invested in others, provide for the needy and for charitable institutions. Do this because it’s the right thing to do, not just because it allows you to spread the word. Communities flourish when they work together for a good cause – your community starts with you!

Show the Purpose

Roof repairs, building funds, maintenance requirements – don’t be afraid to include messages in your weekly sermons or newsletters that show a clear picture of how tithings are spent. People are much more likely to give if they understand how their money is being used for the good of the church, and the charitable benefit of their donations. The clearer, more concise and transparent you are with your congregation, the more you will see your donations rise – you are fostering a community and this starts with openness and equality.

Encourage Increases

When it comes to donating percentages of income, people can be a little adverse to such a request. Instead of asking for a set percentage, ask for a small amount to start and a gradual incremental increase from new members of your congregation. This can ease people into the importance of giving to foster financial solvency and long term sustainment for the good of the church. This is a method of transparency that shows how each increase can improve the services that you provide to the community. Education is the key for many church-goers when it comes to seeing just where their contributions are benefiting their church community.

A Day of Giving

An annual day of giving is a very effective method of fund raising. By allocating a specific day for encourage generosity; this helps to inspire others to connect to the significance of generosity by elevating it for a whole day and helping your congregation to understand the important part that generosity plays in their daily lives. Emotion connection drives us all, and by placing an emphasis on a day of giving, you build it up as an event that will help people to donate more than they would regularly.

Tithing Envelopes:

Collecting donations from passing around a basket every week has been a common custom over the years for many churches. Encouraging further giving through custom tithing envelopes that can be printed to your exact specifications and include images, scripture and messages can illustrate the importance of giving and sacrifice. Making these collection envelopes open to your congregation will encourage them to give.

It may seem when it comes to transparency in donations, this is an unnecessary expenditure, but the cost for custom envelopes is not a significant cost. It is, in the end, a very low cost for a big return on your investment. When the time comes to increase your church’s funding through donations and giving, it is a proven and time-tested method, that printed envelopes has the most effective impact on donations.

Letter Jacket Envelopes – Ways to increase your church tithings


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