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Claiming Gift Aid Made Simple

Our handy guide below explains how to record and claim gift aid payments

Gift Aid is the Government’s scheme for enabling churches and charities to reclaim tax paid on donations.

Your church can take advantage of an extra 25p on each £1 donated by eligible givers, so long as they have paid more tax in that year than the amount you will reclaim in Gift Aid.


More information

Keeping accurate records is very important for successful tax reclaims. Records should include donor details supported by a declaration, plus the amounts and dates the sum was given. Always keep records even if you don’t have a declaration for each donor. You may be able to claim retrospectively.

You can claim Gift Aid using Charities Online with:


 About Claiming Gift Aid Made Simple

Please note that Lockie’s guide to claiming gift aid is designed to summarise all of the key facts that your church needs to be aware of. If you need more in depth information on Gift Aid or wish to make a claim, please follow the links below to HMRC’s website.

For your reference, you can also download a pdf version of the infographic above. Simply click on the link below marked Download infographic.

Useful links

Download infographic (pdf)

HMRC’s Gift Aid page

Charities Online Service for Gift Aid claims

Request a ChR1 form from HMRC

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