Discount on Immediate Payments

All church customers are entitled to 4% discount on orders with immediate payment.

Discount applicable to all orders that are paid through the website

We have enabled a 4% discount for all Boxed Set orders placed through the website and paid immediately via debit/credit card. To claim the 4% discount, just customise and add your Boxed Set Envelopes to the basket and then proceed to checkout. The discount will be automatically applied to your order, as long as your payment method is selected as set as pay by debit/credit card.

Below is the category breakdown for what products are entitle for the 4% immediate checkout discount:

  • Single donation category: gift aid envelopes, loose special collection – exempt from discount
  • Regular collection category: weekly boxed sets, booklet sets, economy & monthly sets, large boxed sets – discount applicable
  • Stationery category: gift aid register sheets, display holders, weekly records and cash sheets, thank you cards, etc – exempt from discount
  • Stock category: stock boxed sets, stock ceremony envelopes, stock specials – exempt from discount

Please be aware that by selecting ‘pay by 30 day invoice’ you will not be entitled to the immediate payment discount. We appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions regarding our immediate payment discount, you can e-mail us at or use our contact us form to send us a message.