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Children’s charity design Lockie’s 2015 catalogue

Children’s charity design Lockie’s 2015 catalogue 29th January 2015

Lockie has close links with the charity, edukid, so we asked their children in Cambodia and Uganda to send us some biblical designs for our new 2015 catalogue cover.

We received many wonderful pictures worthy of depicting on our front cover. But our favourite of these was drawn by Chhae Saphan, 11, from Cambodia. It is therefore Chhae’s interpretation of the feeding of the five thousand that you will find on the front of this year’s Lockie catalogue.

Established 13 years ago, edukid set out to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in developing countries such as Uganda and Cambodia.

With the help of their supporters, the charity have been able to provide hundreds of children with a route out of poverty.

Because of them, these children are receiving an education and developing the skills required to achieve their ambitions. One of these skills, it would seem, is the ability to draw.

We caught up with Chris Turner, the founder of edukid, to learn more about the charity’s aims for 2015.

Did the kids enjoy taking part in the cover design activity?

The kids loved taking part in the art competition, as illustrated by the hundreds of entrants.  They put so much thought and effort into it.  Although very possibly the biggest competitors came from the teachers who each wanted their village to win!

Children’s charity design Lockie’s 2015 catalogue

What can you tell us about religion in Uganda and Cambodia?

In Northern Uganda it is largely a Christian area.  A typical Sunday would see the whole family go to church.  A service would last a good 3 hours so whilst the church is packed, people come and go as they please.  The relationship with Muslims in the south is also good.  Both are very understanding and tolerant of the others’ beliefs.

In Cambodia a large majority of the population are Buddhist. Some of the villages we work in have started churches, and this often leads to an interesting mix of beliefs.  For example one house I entered had a crucifix and then the usual incense and prayer house for their ancestors.  It leads to some amazing conversations.

Children’s charity design Lockie’s 2015 catalogue

Edukid has achieved so much in 13 years but which of those achievements are you most proud of?

The proudest moments come from the simplest things. I was in a primary school in North Devon a few months ago.  Two of the children had run a fruit stall at lunch time to raise money for children they were supporting in Uganda.  The two 7 year old girls came up and tugged me on the hand and said “Chris we have raised £5.65!”.  I said “well done girls” and they said “No. Chris you don’t understand.  A child can go to school for 11 days!”.  Their eyes were sparkling and their grins massive.  You could see the penny had dropped and they utterly understood what they had achieved.  Moments like that are exactly what Edukid is about.  It’s not about numbers or money, its about people realising their potential and using it to help others.

Children’s charity design Lockie’s 2015 catalogue

What are the key aims for edukid in 2015?

This year is a very significant one for Edukid.  As well as helping the children in Africa and Asia, our aim is to break down stereotypes and enable children around the world to learn from each other.  Therefore we have teamed up with the largest teaching union in Europe – The NUT.  We are setting up a new project in Palestine that will tell the stories of children living in conflict areas and the injustices they face.  We plan to enable teachers and school councils to Skype each other and to help classes to coordinate joint projects.  All of this is in the hope that the next generation can do a better job than ours.

Children’s charity design Lockie’s 2015 catalogue

If you would like to find out more about edukid, including ways in which your church can help raise funds for this wonderful charity, please visit their website

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