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Gail changed lives and so can you

Gail changed lives and so can you 3rd July 2014

One person. One church. One community. That's all it takes to improve the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged children across the globe.

Gail, a retired primary school teacher in Oxford, was struck by a statistic during the talk at her local church. It was the stunning fact that every child in the developing world that receives  primary school education lives an average of 7 years longer. It was at that moment that Gail decided to help.

The talk at her church had been conducted by edukid, a charity that improves children’s lives in the poverty stricken countries of Cambodia and Uganda by giving them a route into education. Edukid delivers talks at UK churches to inspire people to change young lives for the better and one of these talks led Gail to act.

She gave up smoking that same day and saved her cigarette money until she had enough funds to visit Cambodia with edukid.  The relationships she and her sister formed during their visit to edukid projects there inspired her to share her story when she returned home.

Gail changed lives and so can you

With the help of her church and by putting on car boot sales, Gail sent between 100-200 children to school every year for the next 8 years.  Her efforts not only made a huge impact on hundreds of children’s lives, they also inspired others around her.

Soon a lady from her village called Cicely started fundraising too. Moved by the stories Gail told of the Cambodian children, she started selling jam and cakes at her church and with the proceeds she sent 2 students to university. Both of these students then found jobs and a way out of their poverty.

The picture at the top of the page shows Gail and her sister having lunch in a remote Cambodian village. During their visit they helped make a film for edukid, charting the amazing work of Srey Da who teaches hundreds of children in Cambodia on behalf of edukid. To watch the video click here.

You too can improve the lives of children in Cambodia and Uganda by supporting edukid. For as little as 20p a day, you could help a child go to school and with the help of your church, you could make a huge difference, just like Gail did.

To find out more phone edukid on 08451 399990 and do something incredible today.

Gail changed lives and so can you

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