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Getting the most out of Church Collection

We sat down with long-time Lockie customer John Hankey, treasurer of St Thomas, Stockton Health to discuss how to get the most of church collection and gift aid envelopes.

John Hankey has been in charge of Gift Aid and church collection at St. Thomas, Stockton Heath for many years. He has not just helped to optimise how the congregation donate to the causes of the church, but he has also changed how they gather outside of service. St. Thomas puts a great emphasis on fostering a community, with daily tea and coffee gatherings open to all, quiet corners, and an undeniable warmth to the feeling of the church. We sat down with him to discuss some of the best ways of getting the most out of church collection.

Here’s what John had to say about how his methods have contributed to the financial stability of the church:

So, John – tell us a little about yourself and the church:

St Thomas Church of England in Stockton Heath and I am John Hankey, the Giving Secretary. When I retired from being the Head Teacher of the local school, I was asked if I would take over as Giving Secretary and my major role is to use the envelopes provided by Lockie and every week they are emptied, bank and the envelopes name and address which is very important so that I can claim back 25% through HMRC and this church is bringing in about £5,000 a quarter. Our church has very much developed as a community church over the last 10 or 15 years, The church is open every morning and St Thomas is in the middle of a village, so people can just call in and don’t have to call in as a regular worshipper but there are quiet corners and prayer corners and also a cafe where they can have a drink during the morning. We’re also the centre of a food bank aswell so the church itself is very much the centre of the community.

How do you use Lockies envelopes for your regular church collection?

The envelopes that Lockie provide are easily accessible at the end of every pew and certainly every Sunday service, there are a goodly number who come and use the occasional envelopes for non-regular attenders. We also use the Boxed Envelopes for regular attenders who may not come every week, or may wish to vary the amount of money they are giving. Alot are on Standing Order but with Boxed Envelopes, they can make a regular giving but also change the amount which I have found to be very useful. Lockie themselves are very helpful and if you have difficulty with the many options in the catalogue and you call into Lockie, they will talk you through it and help you. We’ve had no issues, always been a prompt service and they’re bang on time and properly packed so we can get them distributed. Our 2017 Boxed Envelopes arrived this week which means when we do our Thanksgiving Sunday at the end of October, people make a pledge of how much they want to give and on the same form, they will say whether they wish to do a Standing Order or use the Boxed Envelopes. We can then make sure the Boxed Envelopes are ready for the 1st of January 2017 so if you’re using Boxed Envelopes, it is no good ordering them in December and then you’re unsure who will use them.

Do you use any other products for your collection?

We had a contact with Bodington, the church has been de-consecrated and the church had a peel of 8 bells and asked whether we would like the bells. So we actually got the bells, but there has been a special appeal – no pun intended, to raise money for the peel of bells. Lockie then provided us with special envelopes with “Peel Appeal” across the top of the envelope for people who particularly want to donate to that appeal and there has been some very big donations done this way. It’s part of the heritage of our country, people like ringing bells and I’ve been surprised how much some people have actually giving. Some are not church comers, some may not even be Christians but they love the sound of Church bells. One donations was £1,000 and if you just give the £1,000 then that’s fine but if they put it in a Peel Appeal Envelope with the name and address, all of a sudden it becomes £1,250! Wow! What a difference that makes! So I would seriously recommend that you have envelopes instantly available when you walk in and if you have a big project then mark out specific envelopes for that project as it has made such a difference to us.

What advice would you give to other churches who may wish to get the most out of their envelopes?

It’s amazing when you go into some churches and you hear “Where are the envelopes?”. My grandson was recently Christened and the envelopes were right at the back in a little pocket that you had to search for. Well here, we make sure that they’re there at the end of every pew with a pen that works – you have to have the two together. We also alternate the colour of our envelope boxes for the year that we are in so that people can easily recognise them, which tends to make it simpler.

Watch the highlights of our video interview with John below:

St Thomas, Stockton Heath was built in the 1960s with funding from the Parish Church of St Thomas, Stockton Heath. Substantial improvements and refurbishments were carried out around the Millennium. The modern facilities make the church a hub for a variety of community activities. You can learn more by visiting their website at



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