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Church Collection Envelopes, Gift Aid and Charity Envelopes

Gift AidGift Aid Envelopes

If donations to your church are from a UK taxpayer, you could add 25p to every £1 that is given to your parish through Gift Aid. All you have to do is ensure donors fill in a form to confirm that they are a UK taxpayer and that the tax they pay is more than the amount your parish will reclaim.

For regular giving, parishioners can simply be assigned with a number that appears on their weekly envelopes so there is no need for them to fill in the form for each donation. To take advantage of Gift Aid your church must first apply to be registered as a charity with HMRC.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows your parish to reclaim the tax that has been paid on donations. It works like this. If Mr.Smith is a taxpayer and gives £10 to his parish, he will have paid tax on that amount. Your parish can therefore get £2.50 back with Gift Aid so Mr.Smith’s donation of £10 would become worth £12.50 and it wouldn’t cost him an extra penny! Here are some examples of how much extra money your parish could receive in just one year.

Weekly Amount Given ∑ Given After One Year Extra £ From Gift Aid ∑ Amount With Gift Aid
£1.00 £52.00 £13.00 £65.00
£3.00 £156.00 £39.00 £195.00
£4.00 £260.00 £65.00 £325.00
£10.00 £520.00 £130.00 £650.00

∑ = Total