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HMRC halt concession on old style Gift Aid envelopes

HMRC halt concession on old style Gift Aid envelopes 20th January 2015

Churches and charities in the UK need to be aware of a recent announcement by HMRC, which confirms that old style Gift Aid envelopes are no longer valid.

Grace period

HMRC had agreed a limited time concession on old style Gift Aid envelopes, in order to allow churches to use up stocks. However, this grace period has now come to an end.

Those churches and charities, who still have envelope stock from 2011, must now ensure they are no longer collecting donations with these old style envelopes.

The new wording

HMRC introduced a new Gift Aid declaration in early 2012, in order to outline to donors the need to pay enough tax in that year to cover their donations.

The new wording also explains the type of income tax that can be used to cover a donor’s Gift Aid declarations.

However, this move did not take in to account the large amount of envelopes churches and charities still possessed, bearing the old wording.

Lockie Gift Aid envelopes

Lockie Ltd’s church collection envelopes have always been printed with the most current HMRC Gift Aid wording.

Despite this, there may be customers out there who still possess envelopes manufactured prior to February 2012, when the revised wording was introduced.

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To find out more about Gift Aid, please visit our Gift Aid FAQ’s page or see our series of Gift Aid Made Simple guides.

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