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Making collection envelopes is a piece of cake

Making collection envelopes is a piece of cake 19th February 2014

We celebrated the release of our new 2014 product catalogue by creating an edible version of our new 'Good Samaritan' design.

As well as being a key member of our production team, Christine Marshall has a talent for baking and designing special cakes.

So we gave her a copy of the 2014 catalogue, fresh off the press and she did the rest.

The cake took Christine eight hours to put together but we’re sure you’ll agree it was well worth the effort. Those who tasted the final product certainly did.

cake 4 (2)

They say magicians never reveal their tricks but on this occasion, Christine was happy to oblige.

“After baking the cake I filled it with jam and buttercream, before crumb-coating it and covering the sponge with sugarpaste.  The brochure picture was then scanned. I made 3 copies of this by printing onto icing sheets using an edible ink printer. One was used for the base picture while the other 2 copies were used to cut out certain aspects. This helped to build a 3D effect.”

The Good Samaritan design itself was drawn by another talented member of the Lockie team – our Marketing Executive Laura Alexander.

Inspired by other abstract biblical pieces she had come across on the web, Laura put together a highly colourful mosaic style scene that has really set the 2014 catalogue apart.

church 2014 front cover

Prior to joining Lockie, Laura worked as a freelance designer after graduating from university with a degree in Textile and Surface Pattern Design. Despite her background in art, she had never created anything like the Good Samaritan before.

“It was interesting adapting my skills in order to develop a religious theme piece. The design was hand drawn first before a layer of watercolour wash was added. Coloured pencil allowed me to bring the abstract quality to life with sharp bursts of contrasting colour.  I then scanned the piece in order to bring a multi-dimensional feel using the Apple Macs in our studio. To add texture, I simply utilised a number of photographs portraying peeling painted walls and rotting wood, before overlaying them onto the piece using Photoshop.”

You can download a digital PDF copy of the new catalogue from here. If you would like to talk to Christine about creating your own bespoke cake, you can reach her on the following address –

cake 3

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