New website: now live

We have launched our new, modern website with complete ease of ordering features. This blog provides step-by-step instruction that you may refer to if you are having trouble getting to grips with any new features.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, just select your product category from the homepage carousel or from the ‘products’ navbar drop down.

  • Single donation category: gift aid envelopes, loose special collection
  • Regular collection category: weekly boxed sets, booklet sets, economy & monthly sets, large boxed sets
  • Stationery category: gift aid register sheets, display holders, weekly records and cash sheets, thank you cards, etc.
  • Stock category: stock boxed sets, stock ceremony envelopes, stock specials

Once you have selected your category, you will be directed to a product carousel where you can select the product you wish to order from that category. Below is an example of the products within the regular collection category:

Once you have selected your product, you will then proceed to the product page where you can begin the customisation process of your envelopes. Once you have selected your quantity on the right hand side, you can then click ‘start customising’ which will take you onto the next stage of customisation. You are able to select ink, envelope and box colours, print type, numbering, designs and image uploads and much more. At the top of this section, you will find a rapid renewal banner which says ‘click here to place a repeat order from your account page’. This enables you to repeat a previous order in your web account which will save you time by skipping the customisation process and simply adding the previous order to basket from your account page.

Once you have properly completed all fields in each section of the customisation section, you will then be able to confirm your order and then add the product to your basket to proceed to checkout.

You will be able to pay by debit/credit card or by 30 day invoice which will be sent out to you with your goods. You will then be required to settle the balance of the invoice within 30 days. We ask that all annual orders are placed in good time as we require time to schedule in production of each order and produce them in time for your start date.

I am a registered web customer – how do I use rapid renewal?

In order to use rapid renewal, just navigate to your account page by clicking the ‘Login/Register’ or the ‘Account’ button in the top right of the page. Once logged in, you will proceed through to your account portal page. You can then click the ‘View Orders/Rapid Renewal’ button, which is located on the right of the page.

This will display a list of all previous orders placed through the Lockie website. On the far right, you will see two buttons – ‘View’ and ‘Renew order’. Once you have identified the order you wish to renew, simply click the renew button which is shown below on the right hand side of the page (red arrow).

Once this is clicked, you will be provided with a popup box that will come up on the page and allow you to submit your rapid renewal. You will then receive an e-mail with a confirmation of your order (may take upto 1 day to receive).  This e-mail will contain the details from your last order so please check and make sure all details are correct. All orders placed with rapid renewal will automatically have the 30 day invoice payment method applied to it, as you are an existing customer. Popup box for renewals shown below:

I do not have an online account with you – can I still place a repeat order?

Yes! You can simply go to and fill out the brief detail form and then request a repeat of your order. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with all of your order details shortly thereafter. You simply need to fill out your account number (if known), church/charity name, postcode (required) and your e-mail address (required). You can then hit submit and we will take care of the rest!

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