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Online Charity Fundraising – Tips and best practices

Online Charity Fundraising – Tips and best practices 27th April 2016

The world of online fundraising and charity has never been bigger. Learn how to get the most out of your fundraising campaigns online!

Online charity fundraising and church donations for non-profits has never been bigger. Whilst mailing envelopes remain a critical part of the donation process, using websites like GoFundMe, Crowdfunder, Fundrzer and Justgiving only increase the reach for campaigners to streamline how they receive donations to their cause.
In this helpful infographic, we have created a list of our top five tips for successful fundraising.
We want to to help charitable campaigners with how they use online platforms alongside their current charity fundraising techniques. We will touch on some digital fundraising statistics for 2016, and how these can help you tailor your campaigns for the best possible results. Using a direct mailing strategy is also highly effective and the companies who have seen the most success have used a combination of mailing envelopes to redirect their target audience to their digital platform, thereby creating a process where the two techniques become one.
See below for our top 5 tips on how to get the most of your fundraising campaign:

Online Charity Fundraising

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You can download the full infographic in PDF format HERE.

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