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Church Collection Envelopes, Gift Aid and Charity Envelopes

Gift Aid Envelopes

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Gift Aid Envelopes

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  • Envelope Size:98mm X 78mm (externally)
  • Colours Available:White, Pink, Blue, Salmon, Yellow or Green
  • Ink Colours Available:Black, Blue, Red or Green
  • Unique Feature:Zip Pockets™ Opening
  • For styles B or D please supply artwork if you require your Church picture on the envelopes.
  • A FREE electronic proof can be emailed upon request.
  • Pricing Table
    • Qty Prices (£) Qty Prices (£)
      100 £42.90 900 £56.19
      200 £43.98 1000 £57.82
      300 £46.23 2000 £85.40
      400 £47.92 3000 £114.17
      500 £49.68 4000 £140.70
      600 £51.31 5000 £168.07
      700 £52.87 10000 £321.24
      800 £54.53
  • Carriage Costs
    • The cost of carriage will be dependent on the weight of the items ordered. All consignments lighter than 2kg will be sent via Royal Mail. Orders weighing up to 1kg will cost £3.20. Those weighing between 1kg and 2kg will cost £5.45. All orders above 2kg will be sent by our courier and will incur a £8.34 charge including VAT.

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