Recording Systems

    • Gift Aid Register Sheets (£15.80 for 50 sheets):
      Designed to satisfy the recording requirements of the Inland Revenue. Suitable for Direct Payments and Weekly Collections. One sheet records 4 years of donations per person.
    • Annual Account Sheets (£15.44):
      Compact and easy to operate, giving a complete picture of Church Income and State of Promises. One Set is sufficient for 1000 promises for 12 months, 500 promises for 2 years, etc.
    • Standing Order Schedule Sheets (£6.52 per 100):
      Simplifies the job of recording standing order payments and satisfies the requirements of the Inland Revenue.
    • Weekly Cash Sheets (£6.16 per 100):
      Simplifies the job of recording and totalling collections.
    • Binder (£23.14 each):
      Both Gift Aid Register Sheets and Annual Account Sheets can be supplied in a rigid binder.
    • Weekly Record Cards (£10.60 per 100):
      These help you to keep a record of how much each parishioner has donated each week.
    • Promise Cards (£9.63 per 100):
      Allows church and donors to agree on an amount they will donate.
    • Prices inclusive of VAT.

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