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Selecting a Gift Aid Officer Made Simple

Our bite-sized guide is aimed at helping parishes in choosing and appointing a Gift Aid Officer and for Gift Aid Officers getting started in the role.

Gift Aid Small Donation (Made Simple ep3)

More Information:

The post may be known locally by other titles, such as Committed Giving Secretary, Planned Giving Officer, Stewardship Secretary, Envelope Scheme Administrator or even Covenant Secretary. The important thing is what the person does, not the title.

Your diocesan Stewardship officer or similar will be able to help you set up and run a Gift Aid scheme in your church. Many churches already have Gift Aid schemes and officers in place; why not ask a neighbouring church for help and advice?

About this guide

Please note that Lockie’s guide to the Gift Aid Officer Scheme is designed to summarise all of the key responsibilities of your churchs Gift Aid Officer. We recognise that the actual duties of a Gift Officer may differ from those reflected in the guide above us, but this gives a general overview of the key areas to look for in Gift Aid Officer selection. If you need more in depth information on the scheme or wish to make a claim, please follow the links below to HMRC’s website.

For your reference, you can also download a pdf version of the infographic above. Simply click on the link below marked Download infographic.

Useful links

Download infographic (pdf)

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