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St Michael’s Church raise £1,000 for children’s charity, Edukid

St Michael’s Church raise £1,000 for children’s charity, Edukid 14th September 2015

St Michael's Catholic Church in Pollard's Hill, Surrey, raised an impressive £1,000 earlier this year for the children's charity, Edukid.

Edukid provide a route into education for hundreds of disadvantaged children across the globe, many of whom are victims of disease, war and extreme poverty. This was a cause that the people of St Michael’s were eager to get behind.

Father Huebert Miranda, the parish priest at St Michael’s Church, made contact with Edukid who provided the church with collection boxes to kickstart the fundraising.

“We have a different fundraising project each year during the 6 weeks of Lent.” explained Father Huebert. “Although we have our fair share of debt from renovating the church 2 years ago, we are still committed to outside fundraising projects too and this year we chose to help Edukid.”

“Edukid provides school places to kids in countries that wouldn’t otherwise have given them that opportunity. Instead of just throwing money at these children, the charity are specifically giving them a route into education and a chance of a better life and I think that is extremely important.”

St Michael’s Church raise £1,000 for children’s charity, Edukid

The church publicised the work of Edukid in their parish bulletin before distributing collection boxes to all of the households in the parish, so that they could raise funds over the Lenten period.

By Good Friday Father Huebert and the parishioners of St Michael’s had raised an impressive £1,000 for Edukid.

“We would be delighted if this article helped to promote the fantastic work of Edukid to other churches like us. We are not a large parish but we were able to raise a great amount of funds to help this worthy cause.”

Chris Turner, who founded Edukid in 2002, said that the money St Michael’s raised has been used for both their Cambodian and Ugandan projects.

The £1,000 allowed the charity to pay for 2 Cambodian students to attend university and a 7 year old Ugandan child to attend school for a full year.

St Michael’s Church raise £1,000 for children’s charity, Edukid

“We are very grateful for the incredible amount that St Michael’s raised,” said Chris. “Not only does a donation like this provide children with a grant to pay for school and exams fees, study materials and a uniform. It also provides them with the security and knowledge that there is someone out there who cares for them.”

” This gives the child great encouragement and they are always very excited to hear about the people that helped them.”

To learn more about Edukid’s work, please visit

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